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Terms and conditions of use


You will receive a renewal notice via email at least 2 weeks before your rental term expires. To renew, you must pay in advance for the next rental term on or before the expiration date.


You may exchange your rental outfit at any time, either for an instrument of the same type or for an outfit of a different size or quality. Shipping fees (both inbound and outbound) are the responsibility of the renter. At the time of exchange, all components of your previous rental outfit should be returned to us. If you are unable to return the Instrument immediately (for example, if you are requesting a new Instrument via shipping) you will have 2 weeks to return your previous outfit. Please check your case for any accessories and personal belongings before returning. W&D Étude is not liable for personal items left in cases, such as shoulder rests, metronomes, sheet music, etc. Instruments that are not returned within 2 weeks from the date of exchange will incur a monthly rental fee of $30 (Instruments) or $15 (bows and cases) until the outfit is returned in its entirety. You will continue to be charged the monthly fee until the item is returned to us or paid in full. If you are unable to return an exchanged item to us quickly, please call our Customer Service.


At the end of the rental term, you must return the Instrument in person or via shipping. The initial 3 months of rent are non-refundable. After that, you may return the Instrument and receive a pro-rated refund based on the time you had possession of the Instrument, rather than time prepaid. For example, if you paid for a 12-month term and return the Instrument after 3 months, you will be charged for the 3-month term and refunded the remaining balance. We will not refund days and weeks, only month charges. If you wish to return your Instrument, please contact us for instructions.


Rental payments made after the due date will be assessed a $1 late fee per day, at the beginning of each day late, plus past due rent. Past due rent is based on the daily rental rate. Rental payments made after the grace period will begin on the date of payment. If your account becomes more than 30 days overdue, we reserve the right to charge any credit card on file for a 3-month renewal, plus past due rent and applicable late fees. Your account will then transfer to an automatic 3-month renewal plan. If you fail to make payments when due or move without notifying us in advance, we reserve the right to charge the purchase price of the Instrument to any card on file. We also have the right to pursue all legal remedies we may have against you for amounts you owe or for failure to return the Instrument to us. This may include charging your credit card, transferring your account to a collection agency, filing suit, or other relief. In such case, you may be liable for past due rental fees, late fees, legal fees, court costs, collection costs, and the value of the Instrument if you do not return it.


You are liable for loss of or damage to the Instrument on the date of loss or damage as determined by Wilder & Davis Étude. You can cover some of your liability by choosing our supplementary protection option. Supplementary protection covers routine maintenance, accidental damage as determined by Wilder & Davis Étude. You must be current with all rental payments and other due charges to claim your supplementary protection. The supplementary protection does not cover air or overseas travel without prior consent from Wilder & Davis Étude. The supplementary protection does not cover theft of the instrument. The supplementary protection does not cover intentional damage, including scratching. Wilder & Davis Étude reserves the right to be the sole judge of an instrument's repair cost or replacement cost, and to charge that cost to the credit card on file if you do not have the supplementary protection. You must have the Instrument repaired, when necessary, by us. If you notice any pre-existing damage to the Instrument when you receive it, you must notify us within 24 hours of receipt; any damage observed after this time will be deemed as occurring while in your possession. In the event that an Instrument becomes damaged beyond reasonable repair, and it is the first incident, a replacement Instrument will be issued to you. If a second Instrument is lost or destroyed, you will have to pay a damage fee. Fees are due when the damage is reported or observed, and non-payment will result in the credit card on file being charged. Any damage incurred without the supplementary protection coverage will result in the renter being financially responsible for the cost of replacement or repair, as determined by Wilder & Davis Étude. Please note: Rental Credit may not be used towards payment of a due damage fee. 

*A note on rental string replacement: Wilder & Davis Étude will not replace broken strings. Your strings must be purchased separately. Substitution of string type will be at your expense. No reimbursements will be issued for strings purchased elsewhere.


We offer a rent-to-buy program, 70% of the rental fees (excluding supplementary protection) go towards a credit for the purchase of the rented instrument, or another instrument of equal or higher value. You will accumulate credit for up to 18 months. 

Each instrument and bow are unique and fragile, and it is your responsibility to maintain it properly. For more information on the proper maintenance of your instrument or bow, please talk to our consultants, or refer to our written guide Basic Care and Maintenance of Stringed Instruments. Wilder & Davis Étude guarantees that any instrument it sells is in stable condition, is free from defects and has neem set up to the highest professional standard. 

For two years from the date of purchase, Wilder & Davis will repair an instrument free of charge if the instrument develops or is found to have any defects, including defects of the angle and projection of the neck, depression of sinking of the table, deformation of the ribs and any other structural defect. 

N.B.: Cracks caused by the instrument being stored in excessively dry conditions and damage resulting from neglect or abuse are not covered

Wilder & Davis Étude undertakes to take back student instrument outfits in part-exchange at 70% of the price paid (before taxes) minus the reconditioning fee, subject to the following conditions:

  • A general maintenance charge will be applied to any item taken back in part-exchange: $100 for violin and viola outfits, $200 for cello outfits;
  • Additional charges will be applied for any damage requiring repairs, or for depreciation that is the result of abuse (see Damme Policy below*);
  • The Wilder & Davis exchange policy is non-transferable. Exchanges will not be recognized except through the original buyer;
  • Exchanges are honoured for an instrument or bow of equal or greater value.

Ex.: (Priced paid (before taxes) x 70%) – Reconditioning fee

Any damages to an instrument (noticeable scratches in the varnish, cracks, damaged or chipped edges and corners, opened seams, and so on) may invalidate the conditions of exchange, or may results in additional charges for the necessary repairs or to compensate for devaluation based on the judgement of our luthiers. The same applies to damage to a bow (cracked headplate, worn thumbgrip or lapping, etc.).


You must not move the Instrument from the address shown in this Agreement without our written consent. You must not sell, pawn, dispose of, or pledge the Instrument as security while this Agreement is in effect. You are liable for all payments and the value of the Instrument unless you have received a return receipt from us.


Our customers can make payments through online banking at most Canadian financial institutions. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and UnionPay. Wilder & Davis Étude is committed to ensure the security of payment data and preventing credit card fraud. Our online payment service is secure with technology that protects your data. If you have questions or need more information, we encourage you to contact our offices directly.